Strikingly classic glass bottles, decorated in colours of Red and Black and filled with nature’s finest, fresh, pure natural mineral water.


  • Strictly in Glass Bottles only
  • Available in 750ml and 440ml
  • Signature Red and Black cardboard box packaging
  • 12 Bottles per case
  • Still & Sparkling
  • Aluminium screw tops
  • Painted on labels
  • Zero Waste Packaging

Brand Highlights

The first 440ml mineral water in glass available to the retail and hospitality.
Che Bello is nature’s gift from the Karkloof Valley in Kwa-Zulu Natal, an area of abundant streams, dense woodlands, and fertile land. Che Bello is also bottled in the Cape where the artesian spring is located just below the Paarl Rock. Both our water sources are perfectly balanced in taste and essential natural minerals.
“ah, How Awesome” translated is exactly what “ah, Che Bello” means!

Why Mineral Water in glass?

Glass is chemically inert which means it doesn’t react with other chemicals and won’t dissolve or leach into your water ensuring that your Che Bello moments are always fresh, pure, soft and refreshing, just as nature intended them to be.
The pureness and stability of glass makes it infinitely recyclable. If glass does get into our rivers and oceans, it breaks down into pure and harmless sand. That is what it’s made of after all.
Bringing you a fresh Zero Plastic lifestlye

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